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MAMA Vinyl




  1. Etude For Lynching By Family
  2. Parricide Agent Service
  3. Pray For Me
  5. Acme Apathy Amok
  6. Just Like Everybody

Grindcore. Black metal. Harsh noise. Many fans of these
genres tend to gravitate towards them because they push the
boundaries of sound, testing our limits of how sonically
extreme it is possible to go. And ENDON is fighting to lead
the offensive.

Self-described “Catastrophic Noise Metal,” the Japanese
quintet have harnessed the most severe aspects of the
aforementioned genres to create something that is both
wildly ambitious and viciously disturbing. Combining blast
beats, tremolo riffing, destructive feedback and fascinating
structures, the six songs contained on MAMA have all clearly
come from the same warped id, yet are fulfilling and
corrupted in singular ways.

Produced by Atsuo from experimental veterans Boris, MAMA
is an album that looks for no easy exits. In roughly 40
minutes it swerves from cinematic atmospherics to the din of
electronic havoc to near indecipherable bursts of chaos, all
while vocalist Taichi Nagura howls, shrieks, growls and
wails as if he’s both the torturer and the victim.

But despite how challenging and anti-musical the band can
be, there are occasional passages of beauty that showcase
their careful, nuanced approach to songwriting, even if it
is adorned with such great disgust and violence.

MAMA is ENDON’s aural crusade for destruction at any
cost. Be prepared and get ready to defend yourself.

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